SAMVOUSA is an ex-servicemen organisation comprised of Military and Police Veterans who were called up or volunteered to serve their country, South Africa, in the SADF/SANDF, SAP/SAPS, or the South Africa Prison Services, who completed their commitment and who now reside in the USA or Canada.

SAMVOUSA is a single rank organisation with “Veteran” being the only rank. The organisation’s strength will come from veteran membership and comradeship at Club level, and the organisation will take its lead and direction from this membership level.

SAMVOUSA Veterans will carry forward the memory of an amazing time in our lives, when we did our job and faced off against the world’s most aggressive and formidable forces at the time. There can be no doubt that we served in the best defence force that Africa has ever seen.

This Veteran Organisation dedicates itself, in grateful recognition and memory of their countrymen, the Immortal Dead of South Africa, who, at the call of Duty, made the supreme Sacrifice on the battlefields of Africa, Asia and Europe, in the air and on the sea.

Their ideal is our legacy – Their sacrifice our inspiration
At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them.

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There can be no doubt that SAMVOUSA Members are proud of their legacy as South African Defence Force Veterans. Our pride is measured by the manner in which we dress and conduct ourselves during public parades and services across the USA and Canada. Are you a former SADF/SANDF, SAP/SAPS or South African Correctional Services member now living in the USA or Canada?
National Serviceman and Permanent Force all qualify!
Then why not join us?
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61 Mechanised Infantry Battalion
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32 Battalion
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South African Special Forces
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South African Infantry Association
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South African Air Force Association
The South African Legion
Memorable Order of Tin Hats
- The Moths -

Boer War Memorial Association of Australia
South African Military Veterans Organisation of Australasia

We have a SAMVOA representative in South Africa, so Veterans living in South Africa are welcome to join us.

SADF and SAP Criteria for the more common medals available to the rank and file National Servicemen and women.
Many South African Veterans are not aware that they qualify for medals, please see Medal Qualification Information
South African Veterans who would like to apply for medals owed to them, or replace missing or lost medals can contact SAMVOUSA for assistance in the application process.