Honor Flight Houston Inaugural Trip is upon us!

G’day friends

As some of you know, Liam, my eldest son, has started working on his Boy Scouts Eagle Project – Honoring our WWII Veterans through the Honor Flight Houston program.

Honor Flight Houston helps to send WW II Veterans on one final memorable mission – A mission to Washington, DC to see THEIR memorial. A Memorial that honors their service and sacrifice. As these Heroes are passing away at a rate of over 640 a day, we may soon lose their individual history. By visiting THEIR memorial (through donations made by the public) each and every Veteran will know that we will always remember their service and sacrifice, and what it truly cost to give us our Freedom.

As part of his Eagle Project, Liam has set the following goals.
• Create awareness about Honor Flight Houston- This involves doing presentations to the public with the support of his fellow Scouts from Troop 777
• Honor the memories of WW II Veterans- He had been able, through the support of the Honor Flight Houston committee, to get short biographies on some of the Veterans who will be traveling to Washington DC- These he has put up on poster boards, and will displaying at all presentations. Included in these, are two biographies honoring his Grandfather and Great Grandfather, who served in the Union of South Africa Defence Force during WW II.
• Indirectly assist in helping at least one Veteran to get to Washington DC on the Honor Flight- As a Scout, Liam cannot directly raise funds for this program , so at the end of each presentation we have a representative of Honor Flight Houston present, who accepts donations and answers questions relation to Houston Honor Flight. It costs on average $1000 to send a Veteran to Washington. If Liam can ultimately say that through his committee, they were able to send just one Veteran to Washington, he would have reached his own personal goal.
• Keep Project alive and hand over to a Scout looking for a project- Liam thought that this would be the next big challenge, but following one of his team’s presentations, a fellow scout requested that he take over the project. This is very exciting news, as Liam will know that what he set out to achieve has in fact taken root and our Veterans will not be forgotten.

Please would you read the article below, and if you don’t mind sharing it with others- If they wish to help support our Veterans they can contact Edd Harshbarger (Chairman) or Ashley French (Fundraising and Development Director) of Honor Flight Houston, PO Box 690545, Houston, Texas 77269, Ph.: (832)289-7122 , or they can send an email to contactus@honorflighthouston.org

If anyone would like to support their local Chapter of Honor Flight, they can log onto http://www.honorflight.org/

The motto of Honor Flight states- “We can’t all be heroes, because somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by.” – Will Rogers
Before I close out, one final point- if you’re a Southwest Airline Rapid Rewards Account holder, and don’t wish to donate financially – Please consider supporting Houston Honor Flight with the donation of unused points, I know they will gladly accept them. Contact Ashley French at aegfrench@gmail.com for more information.

To those who have donated, we thank you for the support. Please be on the lookout for the Thank You cards from Liam.

Veteran William Atteridge (SAMVOUSA Member)
Proud father of a Scout

Honor Flight Houston

A HFH Update
April 2014

Dear fans and supporters of Freedom,

The countdown begins! Our inaugural flight is just a few weeks away. April 25th will be here before we know it. But before taking this journey we would like to introduce you to each of our heroic and inspiring veterans. Everyday for the next 25 days we will feature one of our truly amazing veterans with a short biography and photo. These ‘Featured Veterans’ will be posted to our website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. All of the biographies will be archived on our website, so if you miss one, don’t fret!

Speaking of our trip, some details on the big event. Friday, April 25th will be our Send-off, a small celebration will be held around 10:00am prior to boarding the plane at Hobby Airport – second floor. Saturday, April 26th will be our big Welcome-Home celebration! We arrive home at 7:00p, and very much want a large crowd with flags and signs to welcome and celebrate our Veterans return home. This will also be held at Hobby Airport – second floor. Please come out and join us!

Honor Flight Houston is proud to welcome a wonderful new addition to our group. Liam Atteridge a local boyscout has chosen Honor Flight Houston for his Eagle Scout Project.
Liam is a scout based out of the Woodlands working towards his Eagle Scout ranking, which is the highest ranking attainable in the scouts. He first came across Honor Flight in Washington, D.C. after meeting several World War II Veterans at the World War II Memorial. Returning home to Houston, Liam was on a mission to partner with Honor Flight Houston in spreading awareness and raising funds. His goal? To raise at least $1,000 to send one Veteran to Washington, D.C. This project will not only earn Liam the rank of an Eagle, but he will help keep the Honor Flight mission alive by passing his project on to future scouts after he is done. What an amazing young man!

Exciting news! We are now planning for our second trip scheduled for June 2014. More details coming soon.

Update on wheelchairs : We have had a few local citizens respond about helping us find wheelchairs. We are still in need of these very precious tools to aid our Veterans on these trips. If you, or anyone you know can help, please contact us.

ATTENTION all Southwest Airline Rapid Rewards Account holders. If you have unused points you would like to donate we will gladly accept them. Contact Ashley French at aegfrench@gmail.com for more information.

Upcoming events: We will be having a fantastic opportunity to reach the ultimate high in the sky! With an Up&Down Helicopter Day sponsored by Helicopter Services, Inc. at Hooks Memorial Airport in Spring. Join us May 3rd starting at 10a for a fun filled day. Helicopter rides are $50.00 a seat, proceeds will benefit Honor Flight Houston. We will send out more information soon.

Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers, who have been tirelessly working these past few months to ensure our April trip will be a success. We couldn’t do it without you!

A Texas-sized ‘Thank You’ to our donors who have helped us get where we are today. We would not have the means to take this inaugural trip without your generosity – THANK YOU.

“We can’t all be heroes, because somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by.” – Will Rogers

Remember to please pass along the Honor Flight Houston mission to your friends. Spreading awareness to the community and our Veterans is vital to reaching all of our heroes. We need your continued assistance in the forms of time, item donations, and/or money. Every little bit helps! Thank you!

Remember Freedom is NOT Free,

Honor Flight Houston
YOU can help us send a veteran on One Last Tour with Honor; all it takes is a small donation.
Our mailing address is:
Honor Flight Houston
P.O. Box 690545
Houston, TX 77269
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