Russia: Meeting the Russian Angolan Veterans

On the way to the Russian Angolan Veterans Union Building.

They welcomed us with open arms.

Roland and Henriette making an entrance.

Their display of the Angola Border war.

Roland handing out his book, Eye of the Firestorm to Col Wadim Sagatsjko, himself an Angolan Bushwar Veteran.

Maxim Gladkof giving a well prepared speech.

Stephen van Wyngaard handing out his Plaques from 201 Battalion.

Max thanking Stephen.

Garth Anton Pienaar handing out Plaques from the South African Veterans of Australia.

Maxim Gladkov interpreting a message from Mike Beyl From 61 Mech Veteran’s Organisation.

Col Wadim Sagatsjko receiving a small plague from Mike Beyl of 61 Mech.

Maxim Gladkov doing the interpreting.

Mike Beyl handing over the large 61 Mech Plague to Maxim Gladkov of the Russion Angolan Veterans Union.

Maxim Gladkov thanks 61 Mech.
Personal gifts being handed out to the Russian Veterans.

A book, Buffalo Battalion written by Louis Bothma, two different DvDs, Buried behind the wall and Battle fields tour by Efpe Senekal is handed over to the Russion Angolan Veterans Union.

Barry Fowler handing over his contribution.

Bodil Hugo handing over a very precious gift.

More is better.

Yvonne Beyl, Mike Beyl and Gerrie Hugo in the Veterans Union Building.

Yvonne and Mike Beyl.

Garth Pienaar doing his speech in Russian, everybody was speechless !!

Colonel Wadim Sagatsjko and Mike Beyl.

Some Angola Bush war displays.

Some Angola Bush war displays.

Bodil Gerrie and Debra.

A old Russian Officer took myself and Stephen as his new found sons.

He spoke a lot, all in Russian but after a while we understood him and he understood us.

The General, Roland De Vries proving a point that he can and will still jump out of a plane.

Two old Warriors from forgotten Wars.

Garth staying near the Vodka Table.

Igor watching and interpreting between the two Officers.

Igor trying to keep the calm.

Leopold Scholtz and Maxim having a good time.

Max, Gerrie, Bodil and Leopold.

Used with kind permission from: Mike Beyl


This is the Official Website for South African Military Veterans Organisation of the USA - SAMVOUSA Their ideal is our legacy - Their sacrifice our inspiration At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them.

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