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In Memory of the SAS President Kruger

On behalf of all here, in memory of the SAS President Kruger`s shipmates who did not survive and in support of those who did : ” Almighty Father, strong to save, Whose arm hath bound the restless wave, Who bidd’st

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Remembering the South African Navy Frigate, SAS President Kruger. The event of 18th February 1982

The SAS President Kruger was a frigate of the South African Navy. She sank in 1982 with the loss of 16 lives after colliding with her replenishment ship, the SAS Tafelberg, in the South Atlantic. SAS President Kruger was one

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SAS President Kruger Remembrance Pledge

On the 18th February 1982 the SAS President Kruger sank after been struck by the SAS Tafelberg in a training exercise in the south atlantic. It it significant to us to remember for two reasons, the loss of 16 brave

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SAS President Kruger and SAS Tafelberg

Simonstown docks 1971. A VIP coming aboard the SAS President Kruger. The ‘PK’ as she was affectionately known was tragically sunk whilst on a training exercise when her heavier supply vessel, the SAS Tafelberg, accidentally collided with her. 16 Brave

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